Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Scott Shreeve, MD to join the Health X PRIZE in pursuit of Revolutionary Breakthroughs

Noted open source and heath 2.0 advocate to join Health X PRIZE team in health system reform effort

Scott Shreeve, MD announces his participation in the Health Care X PRIZE development process in a blog post on March 2, 2009. Using the metaphor of the original moonshot, Scott described his reasons to join the effort:

I have always dreamed big, and sought impossible challenges, and for this reason I am excited to announce my association with the X PRIZE Foundation as a Senior Health Advisor. This very discrete project (through June 2009) is solely focused on defining a Health Care X PRIZE that can leverage a well described competition as the catalyst for transformative change. Over the coming months, I will be meeting with corporate executives, policy experts, government officials, thought leaders, patient advocates, and others interested in engaging in this work to to define the “health care moonshot”. The X PRIZE framework has specific competition constraints, a unique investment multiplier effect, and holds the promise of organizing many of the best and brightest reform efforts currently underway in our country. I look forward to working with Dr. Peter Diamandis and Robert Weiss on this very exciting project.

I will also look forward to speaking with many of you, sharing our findings and research as we proceed, and engaging the broad health community and ultimately our entire country to join in the inspirational effort to transform our health care system. Please feel free to contact me directly with your interest, your X PRIZE ideas, or to discuss how you can help be a part of the “Health Care Moonshot”.

We look forward to having Scott join the team as we seek revolutionary breakthroughs using the unique X PRIZE Competition framework.
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