Tuesday, April 14, 2009

7. Philosophy of Prize Design Guidelines

The prize design guidelines were developed from a philosophy focusing on transparency, recruitment of the best ideas globally, and impact. The Healthcare X PRIZE would be a systemic prize for the benefit of all humanity. Creating an objective, open process would create a significant precedent in health care, an industry where data is often guarded zealously. The teams would report progress in regular intervals. WellPoint would share its methods of implementing finalist approaches, where applicable. Auditors, judges, and trusted third parties would both audit results as well as oversee the process of selecting finalists.

The competition is a global one, with an America as the testing ground. The likely location of the test communities will be from the states where WellPoint has markets. To maximize the number of teams that can enter and bring existing assets yet compete fairly, we will allow any funding source and any amount of spend on building solutions outside the test populations. Operating and recruiting expenses in the test populations will be charged against “total cost” and may be constrained by a cap to ensure an equal playing field. As well, use of controlled facilities within the test populations may be limited to allow for a more equal playing field.

The competition is focused on creating a demonstrable impact within a 3 year window. The estimated population of 10,000 individuals should be large enough for real-world value demonstration while still being manageable with a small team. We picked the high target of 50% improvement due to the need for a comprehensive solution capable of generating radical change. An opt-in model was selected to highlight potential for rapid scalability and broad adoption
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