Friday, April 17, 2009

HXP Applications? Requesting Comments on Initial Prize Design First!

The proposed $10MM Healthcare X PRIZE has been released for a 45 day public comment period - Your comments will help shape the prize design.

Just getting back from a 3 day tour of Washington, DC as part of the Healthcare X PRIZE and World Health Care Congress. Susan Dentzer, Bill Bradley, Newt Gingrich, and Angela Braly were all terrific! We had a great time, had a great event, and now look forward to some great interaction throughout the country as we seek to refine the Initial Prize Design (some early news from Reuters, NPR, and Fast Company.

Most of the questions that have been streaming in have related to how to apply for the prize. As mentioned in the Press Release, on our Website, and in all of our materials (here, here, and here) we are actively seeking public comment on the Initial Prize Design itself. The comments we recieve will actually determine what the Prize is ultimately about. We are interested in feedback about the grand challenge, what type of impact we should be seeking, how we should select the populations, what the teams should try to do to impact health, the focus on vitality, and the measurement instruments we should be using to declare the winner.

We are hoping that the public comment period can excite interest in the Prize but also engage people in helping us refine the actually competition. These refinements may impact which teams try to compete, which solutions are developed, and how these are implemented, measured, and a winner is declared. As a result, teams cannot yet "apply" as prize as the competition is as yet not fully defined. All interest at this stage is being directed to the Initial Prize Guidelines to solicit comments, feedback, and suggestions.

So keep those comments coming . . . we will have more information about actually registering to become a team as we get closer to the official launch of the prize (estimated to be late 2009).
In the meantime, we are looking at different ways to begin creating the team ecosystem process with some of the available tools. This should be very useful in connecting people together.

Stay tuned!
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