Friday, April 17, 2009

Putting together an ecosystem for great ideas on health reform

Had a great comment on sharing thoughts from Bill Edstrom. What elements of an ecosystem would be important to helping teams?

If you don't already have such planned, may I suggest your website include a page where suggestions can be posted, suggestions that contestants might find useful in designing optimally healthy communities, or, if unused, should be considered for such. Regardless of what team may ultimately win the prize, it's highly likely that each team will have unique approaches that should be considered for inclusion in a transformed American healthcare system. So will non-participants. Regardless of who may enter this contest, a limited number of minds, no matter how brilliant, can only provide for a limited number of solutions. Plus, simple ideas, regardless of their source, can often be aggregated to form great ones, or they can be transformational on their own. Please don't limit the possibilities. Thanks.

Originally posted as a comment by Bill Edstrom, MPH on Healthcare X PRIZE Blog using Disqus.
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