Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Healthcare X PRIZE Video

The absolute potential to transform the way we provide services and improve patient care

The X PRIZE Foundation role in operating large incentive prizes means that there are significant internal creative resources for creating rich media content. Along with our partner, BT Global Services, we have just released the latest installment of the “Innovation in Action” video podcast series called "XPlorating Healthcare".

The video highlights how the Foundation and BT Global Services are pushing the boundaries of innovation within Healthcare & Life Sciences. The video showcases the design of the new Healthcare X PRIZE (in partnership with WellPoint, Inc. and the WellPoint Foundation) and how BT Health has been helping the National Health Service in England deliver better community care with the Mobile Health Worker Solution.

In addition, X PRIZE Foundation is sponsoring the upcoming incentive2innovate (i2i) conference in New York City on June 8-9. Healthcare will again be prominently featured by demonstrating how companies, communities, and governments can use incentive prizes and open collaboration in the healthcare industry ( or see below for details). Samuel R. Nussbaum, M.D., EVP, Clinical Health Policy and CMO, WellPoint Inc. and Yury Rozenman, head of strategy and marketing, Healthcare & Life Sciences, BT are scheduled to lead the group discussion with our X PRIZE board members Dean Kamen and J. Craig Venter.
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